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CNP®   (Certified Neuro Practitioner) is an online certification course for students pursuing a degree in healthcare. The course covers a variety of rehabilitation interventions for the neurological population. This course provides participants with foundational knowledge and skills across various settings - acute care, transitional care, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and home health therapy.

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Participants will engage in a variety of workshops that will cover neurological rehabilitation. Topics will include:

  • Abnormal Tone Management: Hypertonia, Hypotonia, & Spasticity

  • Evidence-Based Range of Motion Techniques: Optimizing Movements

  • Neuro-Based Weight Bearing Techniques: Open vs. Closed Chain Interventions

  • Mobility, Positioning, and Transfers for Complex Conditions: Shoulder Subluxation, Scapular Winging, Hypersensitivity   

  • Grasp and Release for Flaccidity, Rigidity, & Spasticity

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  1. Complete the CNP Certification Course (online).

  2. Complete the certification exam at the end of the course, and receive a passing score of 80% to obtain the designation CNP.

  3. Participants will be certified throughout their academic tenure. The certification will expire 6 months after participants become a licensed healthcare professional; at which point, participants are eligible to pursue the advanced specialty certification Certified Neuro Specialist (CNS) at a discounted rate​.
    Participants are eligible for the following discount for the CNS Course – the cost of the CNS Course minus the cost of the CNP Course at the time of registration (e.g. $865 - $169). ​​

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This certification course is intended for students pursuing a degree in healthcare. The certification course is only available to eligible students enrolled in an accredited program, such as physical therapy, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapy, occupational therapy assistants, speech language pathology, and nursing. Other eligible students interested in neuro-rehabilitation interventions are welcome to attend and earn the certification.

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Please sign up for one of the following course dates.

You will be taken to our Square Payment Portal to complete your registration.
Please allow up to 48 hours to process your registration. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

09:30 AM to 05:30 PM (Pacific Time)
Registration Closed


Important: the CNP Certification Course is available to current students.
If you are a healthcare professional, please register for the CNS Certification Course.

Before registering and submitting payment, please review the following:
Important Information & Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

By registering and submitting payment, you have agreed to all of the aforementioned items.

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  • Full course attendance is required to earn the CNP designation.

  • Participants must demonstrate competency in all labs in order to meet the certification standards.

  • This course will be facilitated online. Course participants must have access to the following to demonstrate competency:

    • An electronic device capable of remote meetings (i.e. Zoom).

    • A microphone, web camera, and reliable internet connection.

    • Access to a partner (second person), a bed/mat, and a chair.


  • Participants must complete the certification exam on their course date.

  • Participants must receive a passing score of 80% to obtain the CNP designation.

  • Participants who do not pass the exam on the first attempt will have an opportunity to remediate on the same day.


  • Because participants will have immediate access to certain course materials, all sales are final and participants are not eligible for any refund.

  • If participants experience connection issues or are unable to attend the course on their registered date, The Neuro Specialist Institute will postpone their course to a future date.

  • To initiate the postponement process, please contact us directly at or (323) 325-5244.


  • The "CNP" designation indicates that a healthcare professional has completed advanced training in neurological rehabilitation through a series of workshops/seminars, and has successfully passed a certification examination on that material. 

  • Certification indicates that a person has met specific requirements of the certification process, but is not a guarantee of any individual's competency, accuracy, or expertise in any particular treatment or outcome.

  • The "CNP" designation does not expand a professional’s scope of practice. It does not qualify a healthcare professional to offer or provide services without appropriate licensure or credentials.

  • CNP is a certification mark that is federally registered and protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). All rights reserved.

  • The Neuro Specialist Institute shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, claim, or otherwise, whether an action in contract or tort and shall further not be liable for any lost profits, or direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and expenses).

  • The Neuro Specialist Institute reserves the right to screen applicants during the registration process. Only applicants in good standing (not subject to any sanction, suspension, or disciplinary censures) and without history of any legal/ethical/academic disciplinary actions will be given consideration to take any course by The Neuro Specialist Institute.

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